Monitoring Computer Resources with Rainmeter

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What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a customizable performance meter, which can display all of the basic system statistics such as CPU load, physical ram, virtual memory, network traffic, windows performance data, hard drive space, uptime and a lot more.

Here’s a brief rundown of what Rainmeter offers:

  • System Monitor – keep a constant watch on how much heavy lifting your CPU is doing, your network activity, how much drive space is remaining, and more, and all without firing up the obtrusive Task Manager.
  • Stay Connected – view RSS feeds, social networking updates, incoming email, the weather, and other Web-based content without loading up another browser window or tab.
  • App Management – Rainmeter’s app management is limitless, bound only by what you want to do. Arrange commonly used apps in a custom dock, or create your own launchers.
  • Fully Customizable – you have full control over every aspect of Rainmeter, including the look, function, and placement. And all of these can be changed on a whim, whether it’s adjusting the transparency of a skin, or changing the source of an RSS feed.

How to install a rainmeter and theme?

By default Rainmeter will install in “C:Program FilesRainmeter“, but you may install it in any folder you wish. You can install theme automaticaly by double click .rmskin file or install theme manually as below:

  • Right-click and Extract the contents of the file (.zip or .rar)
  • Copy it to Rainmeter’s Skins folders present at: C:UsersDocumentsRainmeterSkins
  • Open Rainmeter (or restart it if its already open). Right click on its tray icon and from the “Config” menu, choose your Skin/Theme.
  • Congrats you did it!

Best Rainmeter 2.1 Themes and Skins

You can find the best theme and skins for rainmeter at, here is one example that i like, Razor Theme.

rainmeter best themes

More info about Rainmeter, please visit :

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